Key Elements of the Project

The City listened to the community’s requests in 2008 for an aesthetically pleasing bridge design. As a result of the City’s efforts to incorporate public and Council input, the signature design will make a gateway statement for the City of Larkspur and accentuate rather than obstruct the surrounding landscape of the beloved Corte Madera Creek. Larkspur residents will have a safe, seamless, and non-intrusive connection between both sides of the City. Learn more by downloading the project fact sheet.

Safely Accommodating Continued Capacity Needs

  • Design meets current seismic standards
  • New amenities improve safety for bicycles and pedestrians
  • Downcast lighting meets International Dark-Sky requirements, improves pedestrian safety, and protects neighbors from light pollution
  • Seven-foot-wide dedicated bike lanes in each direction
  • Ten-foot-wide barrier-protected multi-use pathways (pedestrians or bicycles) in each direction
  • Designed to accommodate continued capacity needs for all modes of traffic, including waterway users
  • One lane of vehicular traffic in either direction
Conceptual illustration of replacement bridge design, showing ornamental “acorn” lights.

Conceptual illustration of replacement bridge design, showing ornamental “acorn” lighting.

Community-Driven Design Elements

Ornamental Acorn Lantern

Ornamental “Acorn” Light Post Pedestals

  • Similar to those installed on Arroyo Holon (Doherty) Bridge
  • Reduced light pollution and glare impacts
  • Improved pedestrian safety

Decorative Wave Handrails

Decorative Green Wave Handrails

  • Preserved views of surrounding hills
  • Mimic the movement of the surrounding grass fields

Photo of area wetlands

Bridge Design

  • Reflects wide, flat stream and surrounding wetlands

 Photo: Flickr/Jeff Archer

Photo of Bon Air Bridge

Reduced Bridge Piles

  • Reduced number of piles from seventy-six to eight
  • Improved waterway access

Dedicated Bike Lanes & Protected Multi-Use Paths

  • Improved bike and pedestrian safety

Connection to Corte Madera Creek Pathway

  • Provides seamless connection for recreational use