The City aims to provide a bridge design that is sensitive to the natural Corte Madera Creek environment. Several environmental mitigation sub-projects are intended to improve habitat for several wildlife and fish species and to protect Larkspur’s valued amenities—trails, natural areas, and the creek itself. These sub-projects will restore and renew these community amenities to ensure recreationists can continue to enjoy the Corte Madera Creek and Trail network for years to come.

Mitigation Projects
To compensate for unavoidable impacts due to new bridge construction, mitigation projects were negotiated and accepted by the permitting agencies. These are:

Map of all environmental mitigation sub-projects associated with the Bon Air Bridge Replacement Project.

Map of all environmental mitigation sub-projects associated with the Bon Air Bridge Replacement Project.

Magnolia Lane Reduction / Stormwater Enhancement. As a condition of the San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board Clean Water (401) Permit, the City was required to install low impact development/stormwater enhancements on Magnolia Avenue. This was proposed to be accomplished in four (4) ways:

  1. Widening and planting the existing roadway ditch from Creekside to Doherty
  2. Eliminating the second through travel lane on Magnolia from Bon Air to Dartmouth (in both directions) and replacing the asphalt with landscaping*
  3. Providing curb cuts to allow street drainage to pass through swales before entering the storm drains
  4. Installation of an underground infiltration system

* Based on public feedback, the elimination of the second through lane was deleted from the project scope. It is anticipated that the underground infiltration system will be enlarged to compensate for not removing the asphalt.

Magnolia Ave Project


Tidal Marsh Restoration and Dog Park Relocation in Piper Park. The existing dog park in Piper Park will be relocated to a new area in Piper Park east of the Central Marin Police Station. The area occupied by the existing dog park will restored to tidal marsh habitat with an educational overlook. The new relocated dog park will continue to serve as a community amenity.

Map of Sub-project: Tidal Marsh Restoration


Map of Sub-project: Dog Park Relocation


Docks at Bon Air Landing Park and Marin Rowing Club. Access to Corte Madera Creek will be improved through the rehabilitation of walkways and docks at Bon Air Landing Park and the public dock at the Marin Rowing Club. The improved docks and walkways will be ADA compliant.

Map of Sub-project: Marin Rowing Club


Map of Sub-project: Access and Docks at Bon Air Landing Park