Project History

Built in 1958, the existing bridge has undergone several modifications, including a major foundation retrofit in 1970 due to damage from channel dredging, a walkway widening, and a seismic retrofit in 1994.

Project Bridge photo

Concrete supports for the steel girders are deteriorating.

The Challenge

Beginning in 2000, Caltrans inspections showed that despite the retrofit in 1994, deterioration of bridge continued, as evidence by visible cracks on supports and poor deck condition. Prompted by the poor conditions, the City applied for and received funding through the Highway Bridge Program to find and execute a long term solution. In 2008, after more thorough assessment and analysis, replacement of the bridge was identified as the best option. In 2012, temporary supports were added to stabilize the structure further validating bridge replacement as the best solution.

Why Is Replacement of the Bridge the Best Option?


  • Lengthens the bridge lifespan
  • Is more cost-effective than rehabilitation
  • Provides a seismically upgraded structure
  • Improves pedestrian/bicycle access with new amenities
  • Reduces the number of bridge supports, improving recreational access in the waterway
  • Improves safety and reduces light pollution with new lighting
  • Improves wildlife habitat and Creek access within Larkspur via associated environmental projects